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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ladies Evening Notes

I can't believe that two years have already passed since this picture! 
Wow, it's a reminder at how time flies and the things I do matter!
  • We are not called to RAISE children to maturity; we are called to TRAIN them to be godly.
  • Being a wife is highly regarded by God.
  • How am I making Josh look better?
  • Happy wives are submissive.
  • If you rebel against your husband, you are poisoning your own life.
  • I Kings 17:17 - Do I LOVE being the Queen of my home?
  • It's ALL about the attitude!
  • Taking dominion and subduing means to do the same things over and over and over again with the knowledge that good things will eventually come. It's not just about today!
  • Blessings ALWAYS follow obedience!
  • My home is my ministry to the world.
  • Always put my first fruits into my home and family then my other ministries will fall into place. 
  • Make a daily choice to hear no other voice louder than my husbands voice!!!!
  • Weigh my actions on an ETERNAL scale. Is what I'm doing going to have eternal value? If not, why am I doing it?
  • how do I help my kids find their callings? By modeling my calling WELL!
  • I want to know soooo strongly that there is mothing more important thatn pouring my life into, taking fabulous care of, and loving Josh, Javon, and Reagan!
  • Understand (without being prideful) that I am irreplaceable to my kingdom (home!).
  1. Does my home reflect total devotion to God first - Josh second? Compliment Josh ever day. Lack of appreciation is often the cause of divorce.
  2. Be the mistress of my home. - The household chores are my responsibility given by God; if Josh helps - be grateful. Do not demand or expect. 
  3. TRAIN my children WELL! It's my God's given responsibility to do everything within my power to train my children to love and serve Jesus. Think about tomorrow when training J & R; not just today. Ephesians 6:4 Treat Josh with the same unconditional love that the kids and I share! Untrained children will become a shame to us. 
  4. It is my job to raise ROYAL children; kids that will one day be ready to rule their kingdom for Jesus. What I do today matters for tomorrow!
  5. Nurturing - Am I giving my best or my left overs to my family? Kindness! Nurturing takes planning and effort! Encourage Josh, J & R EVERY DAY! I Timothy 4:6 
  6. Does my HOME nourish ME and my family? Surround myself with things that make me smile. Do the same for my family!
  7. Rule my kitchen. Plan meals and enjoy cooking them! Make it special. PLAN! Have happy family dinners. This is my job. My responsibility! Everything else will function better if I have meals under control! Do not give my family leftover, frustrated me at dinner time. Give them my best. This means being prepared and happy to serve them!
  8. Welcome strangers....God has called me to be hospitable! 
  9. God has given me AUTHORITY to create ORDER in my home and family. 
  10. Are the things that I'm doing going to matter for eternity? If not, it's time to reevaluate! Am I easily distracted by non-eternal stuff?
  11. God gives us CALLINGS not jobs!
I had a lovely evening with my mom at this event. You can find more on mothering and being a wife at

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