Psalm 147:1

"Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Faithful Fathers

Neither my husband nor myself grew up with a father in the home. I however, had two amazing grandfather's that lived within walking distance to help guide and direct me throughout my childhood. Although neither knew the Lord, one taught me compassion and kindness and the other taught me hard-work and determination.

My husband does not even know who his biological father is and was adopted at 11 months old. His adopted mother had 6 different husbands throughout my husband's growing up years. So needless to say, this is new territory for him.

But he has been faithful to our family.

I am grateful for him.

Some notes from our Father's Day sermon:
Faithful Fathers
Read Hebrew 3:1-14 and 10:19-23

We are going to have to answer tough questions from our kids like, "Why can other people do that? AND why can other CHRISTIANS do that and not us?" We must have an answer for them based on the Word of God!

Daniel 6:4 - They could find NO fault in or charge against Daniel because he was faithful to God!

Read Luke 16:10 and I Corinthians 4:2

Neither one of us are perfect parents. I'm a second generation Christian and he's a first. So thankful that God can redeem. Praying that our children will be even better at this parenting thing than either of us are! Thankful for a faithful Heavenly Father!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Praying with PURPOSE

Several years ago, I began praying specific things for my children on each day of the month. 
Recently, I have began to incorporate this into our nightly prayers together and have been having them 
pray for these areas to be developed in their own lives. 

1) Salvation and the Fear of the Lord
2) Growth in Grace
3) True Love; for God and others
4) Honestly and Integrity
5) Self - Control
6) A Love for God's Word
7) Justice
8) Mercifulness
9) Respectfulness
10)Biblical Self-Esteem
12) Courage
13) Purity
14) Kindness
17) Joyfulness
18) Perseverance
19) Humility
20) Compassion
21) Responsibility
22) Contentment
23) Faith
24) A Servant's Heart
25) Hope
26) A Willingness to Work Hard
27) Passion for God and passion to raise their families in His ways
28) Protection
29) Good Time Management Skills
30) Meekness
31) Trustworthiness 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reading the Word

I can do without anything; but I cannot do without God. 

JOY can come in the morning!

Living a FRUITFUL life is possible. 

Joshua 24:15 - There are ALL kinds of gods that people can serve (myself included), but as for me and my house - WE WILL SERVE THE LORD.

Today is a day of decision. Have I been compromising in areas? 
Yes. Then I have to decide to stop. 
God sees everything! Many are in the valley of decision....and stay there their entire life. 

Don't do it the world's way! Do it God's way!!! Wait on HIS timing. 

Sometimes we are only ONE decision away from going away from God's will. 

Look at Abraham and Sarah....SHE got an idea because God was taking too long for her. 
What is GOD saying in the situation? 
I Corinthians 2:12 - The Holy Spirit is with us every moment.
 Why do we cling to the spirit of the world?

After reading yesterday's post at, I was totally convicted about the amount of time that I READ the Word to my kids.
 We have read a chapter of Proverbs every day for the past 2 years (mostly).
 But I know that, by my actions, I don't focus enough on time spend in the Word. 
Today we decided to follow Ann Voskamp's suggestion of eating the "living Bread" after each meal. It's been two days and I can't believe how satisfying it is.
 I love to read the Word, but I hadn't been transferring that love to my children.
 Simply because I wasn't making it a priority. 
We have family devotions several times a week with Daddy and that's a great time. 
But I also know that as their "educator" that it's my responsibility to instill a LOVE for searching out the Word on a daily basis as part of their "normal" life and "education". 

Both kids have their own Bibles but haven't always gotten them out throughout the week in the past. We primarily have used one Bible and shared from it. After Ann's suggestion of having each one have their own Bible to look at the WORDS from the Word, I went and got 3 Bible's of the same version so they could follow along. And even though my 6 year old isn't reading at Bible level at this point, she was SO into following along.
 It was the best homeschool days that we've had in a long time. 
It took us a bit longer into the late afternoon to complete our regular schoolwork, but it wasn't even a big deal because we've had such a great time just being together.
 Reading the Word. 
What's so different?
 We're together all the time....and I have read Proverbs to them on school mornings for several years....and we still read Proverbs today....but MY priority was more focused on the Word and what it really meant to our family and the impact that it really has. 

John 3:30 - He [Jesus] must become greater and I must become less.

Lord, please help me to not get so caught up in the world's way of thinking and what I "think" the kids need to get accomplished every day and in so doing put you on the back burner!
 You are the reason we are doing this! Thank you for sending a faithful woman across the miles to remind me and thousands of other mothers this simple truth. 

Home education is a ministry of discipleship with much the same concerns as Jesus addressed. You are building your child into a disciple-you must be committed to finish what you start.You are heading into a battle that will require all your resources to fight. You must be prepares to face that battle wisely. Whether building or battling, you are taking up the cross for the sake of your children-and the cross always has a cost.
Sally Clarkson-Educating the Whole Hearted Child

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Growing Through the Word

I want to grow.
I want to keep growing!
I want to conquer those sins that I know about that perhaps others don't see...or perhaps they do.
I want to be alive to Christ.
I want to do right.
But I fail. Too often.
But the Word is alive and helps me grow!
I don't want to mad at myself because I haven't arrived.
I spend too much time focused on the fact that I haven't arrived and often forget to enjoy the journey.
I want to LEARN to be content.
I want to LEARN to walk in love.
Joyce Meyer says, "I'm not where I need to be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be. I'm not there but I'm on my way!"
Paul was converted 20 years prior to saying, "It's no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives within me."
It's a process.

Romans 6:2 -"How can we who died to sin live it any longer?"
My flesh still wants to sin; however, my soul where Jesus resides does not. It desires the things of the Holy Spirit.
I want to habitually live "in well doing".
I may have to do what's right for a while before I get a right result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It takes time after sowing seed to gain a harvest.

Can I really do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me?
Do I have that much faith????????????

He took my sin and gave me His righteousness! Wow. That is so hard to comprehend.
Why would He do that?
Can His love really run that deep?

Romans 6:10-"Consider yourself dead to sin."
Consider is a mindset. Is my mind in the right place or am I using earthly wisdom?

It's one thing to sing warfare songs when on stage at church, but am I living a life of spiritual warfare in my private life? Am I willing to be a bond-slave for Jesus? Someone who will drop everything to help someone in need?

I was able to bless someone today that needed about 2 hours of my time. During the schoolday....when I had school to still do....and dishes....and laundry.....and dinner to make. But it was a blessing to help!

Oh, these are my cute kids two summers back. It's a great reminder of how fast time flies and that I need to continue to focus on the important things and not get hung up on the "little foxes" that so often ruin my day.