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Friday, June 24, 2011

Faithful Fathers

Neither my husband nor myself grew up with a father in the home. I however, had two amazing grandfather's that lived within walking distance to help guide and direct me throughout my childhood. Although neither knew the Lord, one taught me compassion and kindness and the other taught me hard-work and determination.

My husband does not even know who his biological father is and was adopted at 11 months old. His adopted mother had 6 different husbands throughout my husband's growing up years. So needless to say, this is new territory for him.

But he has been faithful to our family.

I am grateful for him.

Some notes from our Father's Day sermon:
Faithful Fathers
Read Hebrew 3:1-14 and 10:19-23

We are going to have to answer tough questions from our kids like, "Why can other people do that? AND why can other CHRISTIANS do that and not us?" We must have an answer for them based on the Word of God!

Daniel 6:4 - They could find NO fault in or charge against Daniel because he was faithful to God!

Read Luke 16:10 and I Corinthians 4:2

Neither one of us are perfect parents. I'm a second generation Christian and he's a first. So thankful that God can redeem. Praying that our children will be even better at this parenting thing than either of us are! Thankful for a faithful Heavenly Father!

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