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Saturday, November 13, 2010


We have tried a variety of different chore systems over the years...
But considering the kids were still fairly young still
I wasn't as consistent as I should have been they haven't always worked long-term.

However, at the beginning of the school year (Sept) 
I made these chore charts on the internet and posted them in the dining room/school room.
It's going fabulous!!!
I rarely have to remind them to do their chores. 

I know that people have differing opinions on allowance....
I did not grow up earning an allowance. 
My mom always said that since we all lived in the family we all worked 
and don't receive payment for that. 
I totally agree with that. 

However, the only way that I ever received $ as a child was when my grandparents gave it to me.
So, I wanted a way to show my kids that they need to earn money for a job well done. 
We do not have a set allowance day. 
It is whenever they have completed 5 days of all their chores. 
If they "almost" got done one day that day doesn't count. 

Another difference I have from some on this topic is that they do not receive $ based on their age.
Since my two are only 2 1/2 years apart (and my 5 year old is super responsible and a very hard worker)
I give them the same amount because they are doing the same amount of work. 
They receive $3 per 5 days of chores completed.

There chores are:
Busy - 
  • Make bed, brush teeth, and take vitamins before school (I know that brushing teeth and taking vitamins aren't chores :-) but it helps us all remember.)
  • Feed and water the dogs
  • Put all shoes away in the correct locations that have accumulated in the foyer shoe basket or hall.
  • Take out the recycle
  • Help empty the dishwasher 
  • Tidy room in afternoon and again prior to bed
  • Read a book to his sister (they love this time together!)
  • Exercise (again, not a chore but a guarantee that it's getting done...30 pushups, 50 situps, 100 jumping jacks)
Sweetie - 
  • Make bed, brush teeth, and take vitamins
  • Sweep entry way after brother puts the shoes away (usually she asks to mop also!:-)
  • Dishes (this can be helping me wash them, put them away, or help brother unload the dishwasher)
  • Wipe down bathroom counter
  • Take out bathroom trash
  • Tidy room
  • Reading time with brother (he reads her a book)
  • Exercise 
They have just gotten into a rhythm with their chores and most days I don't even 
have to remind them. 
Sometimes, if they want to do something special I'll ask them 
to get their chore chart done and they will quickly get to it.
It wasn't always without a "moooommmmmm" at first, 
but we quickly worked through that and now most days the chart is done without a complaint.

Another area that I perhaps differ from some is that we do not give 
"extra" money for larger or extra tasks. 
Those are part of being in a family. 
The chart is more about teaching responsibility and that certain things must be done daily to 
keep things in the home running smoothly. 
They know that I might ask them to do 5 other chores in a day like put away 
a pile of laundry, etc. and they are expected to do that without a fuss.
It's all part of being a family. 

It's been really great for us. 
If they see something they want then we quickly figure out how many 
weeks they will need to work in order to purchase that item.
Which I believe helps with the instant gratification that most Americans suffer from 
Sometimes they work very hard and go back weeks later to purchase that item...
other times they realize that really didn't want it after all.

How do you handle chores? Allowance? 

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