Psalm 147:1

"Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow in Seattle....

Monday was a normal day at co-op. 
Tuesday was  a normal day at work and the kids at Nana's. 
Wednesday was a normal home day doing school. 
Then a Thanksgiving dinner at church for all the kids.
Thursday was anything but normal!:-)
Busy had a DR appointment in the mid morning which I knew would
waste our entire morning and then it is always hard to get back in the 
groove once we get home. 
I grabbed the kids' schoolwork on the way out the door 
and asked if they'd like to do school at McDonald's 
(we don't have a playland in the town we live in so it's always a treat for them to go)
and of course they agreed!
It went really well actually. 
I was kind of surprised. :-)

 Then Friday was another normal day.
Saturday I had a TON of errands to do and as we were out and about I noticed Reagan eye 
was turning pink! Oh no....then the tears came because it was burning so bad.
We very rarely stay home on a Sunday (about 1x per year)
but due the contagious nature of pink eye, I didn't want to expose others to it. 
It was a WONDERFUL day home with my baby girl.

 This is what she looked like Sunday morning. (After I had cleaned the gunk out.)
Poor girl hated to get her eye drops in but eventually we got them in. 
Her eye was better this morning but the other one is pink. :-(
She's had this yucky ol' cold now for almost 2 weeks and I think her little body
is just tired of not feeling well. 

Last night it began snowing and we had a great night cuddled up together. 
Today it snowed even more, which is unusual for the Seattle area in November. 
It started out as a great day. I got up and started doing a ton of things, 
but the afternoon didn't go so well. 
That's life I suppose. 
Now I'm waiting for my sheets to dry and about the make up my bed, 
eat dinner, tuck the kids in, get in bed and reflect on a my day a bit 
before my eyes close.

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