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Saturday, September 11, 2010

First day of school

Before school began:
I was SOOOOO excited to start this school year! Perhaps it was because both of my kids were officially in a grade although Reagan's been at the table with us the past two years! I had planned and re-planned and gone over and written out and re-written out my plan for the first week. I know that some don't like to do that because it's too "formal" but that's the way I vent my enthusiasm. Writing lists, writing on white boards, and planning things. :-) 
Friday, while driving through our neighborhood, we found a small little desk that said free on it. I initially drove past but quickly turned around and thought that would be perfect in Busy's room! Although I didn't know if I'd even like him having a desk or if he's use it since we've always done school together at the dining room table, I figured we had nothing to lose. And we love it!
This is what he woke to on Monday morning. He was really excited to have his own space. I wasn't sure how his focus would be without me there but it defiantly limited the distractions and worked really great. He's going to do his morning subjects at his desk while I work with Sweetie at the kitchen table...then he'll move out to the table with us after lunch to work on spelling and science. Thank you Lord for your provision!!!!

This is what Sweetie awoke to. A plethora of ABC books, CD's, videos, manipulatives....:-) She already knows her letters, but I wanted us to review before we enter the world of phonics and also have a super fun first day of Kindergarten! Note the white board with schedule in background?! :-)

Our dining room: Where much of our life is lived! :-) And learned I suppose.....

We began the morning with a special morning of eggs and biscuits. (The kids' choice.)

Sweetie opted for Kix!

She was soooo excited to get PACES like her brother!

We had fun matching Upper Case Bottoms to Lower Case tops....
And we had the coolest Animal Science...hands on....couldn't get any realer than time.
Our puppies where born on the first day of school! So we spent the morning going in and out of the bathroom checking on Sophie and the pups. The first one was born at 7:30 AM and the fifth was born at 10:30 AM so it was perfect timing!
God is honestly so amazing!!! I even had written down to look through a spider book after lunch and  - I kid you not - this huge spider was in Sweetie's art box right after lunch. It made my heart so happy to know that my Father cares enough about me to send me a real spider because He knows how important homeschooling is to me!

It was a very good first day of school. It's actually been a fabulous first week of school but I don't have time nor you the desire to go through all the days but it was great and we ended it with a trip to Baskin Robins which is a huge treat that we don't normally do. And then on top of it I told them they could get a double cone and I thought they were going to faint. It was really cute. I'm actually glad that my kids don't have SO much that they don't appreciate a double scoop cone of ice cream. It was the perfect ending to a great day!      Hope yours went just as well. And if it didn't, there's always tomorrow! :-)

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