Psalm 147:1

"Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Round Up Sunday

This Sunday was filled with many, many wonderfully busy things. It was our annual church Round Up. The summer seems to scatter people and this is the day to bring them back and have a great day of fellowship. BUT the best part of the day was seeing Javon get baptized. And getting baptized by his dad made it even more special. He's been wanting to get baptized for about a year now, but we decided to have him wait a bit longer. At Easter he said he wanted to get baptized but we are sooooo busy on Easter that we decided to wait until a less busy Sunday. Being in ministry makes a few decisions based on "will we have time to really focus on you". Well, it didn't work out to have it on a "less busy" Sunday but it worked out anyways.

This was taken right before he was baptized. He woke up in the morning and I thought he might say that he was excited about all the activities of the day but he woke up talking about getting baptized. That made me feel like he was genuinely excited and understood what baptism was and meant for his life.

This was taken right after he was baptized. He literally jumped out of the water and threw his hands up with excitement. Which, of course, filled our hearts with joy.

Our pastor's wife always does a great job decorating.
Auntie Cass and Sweetie!
I love those curls!!!! (Most days....:-)

My mom and sisters with us...

It was one of those days that I went home absolutely exhausted, but had a great day at the same time! These are the days that memories are made. Yes, every day has the opportunity to make a memory, but there are special times in life that can't be relived or redone. This was one of those days. Watching my whole family work together for Jesus to make this day happen and then seeing my son water baptized....yeah, these are the days that will live on in my memory. It's kind of like was a lot of work, but the result far outweighed in the end. That's kind of like homeschooling I suppose. It is defiantly a lot of planning and work but the results FAR outweigh the labor!!!

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