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Friday, September 23, 2011

Modern Family Ministry

I am trying very hard to formulate an understanding of where my heart says my head should go...or vis versa. 
Where my head is telling my heart to go? 
Where the Holy Spirit is guiding me....

I have heard Family Based Ministry for years....
but it hasn't really grasped my soul until resent days (months). 

Type in Family Based Ministry and thousands of articles pop up. Pros, cons, and everything in between. 

Tonight I learned three terms that seem to be very prevalent regarding the topic itself.

1) Family Integrated Ministry - Completely abandoning all segregated ministries and the family attending church together for every service/event. 
2) Family Based Ministry - Usually keeps ministry segments but offers intergenerational opportunities for parents during all services/events. 
3) Family Equipping Ministry - Segmented but includes parents. More emphasis is put on training the parents that necessarily involving them in ministry. 

All three have there place. 
I could easily fall into any one of the categories listed. 
Of course being the Children's Ministry Director at our church and my husband being the Youth Pastor....
our whole ministry/job is based on segregation! Family ministry could put us out of a job! 
But isn't that the point really?????? To equip family to train their children instead of us!
Isn't that what we long for, desire, complain doesn't happen? Yes. 
What does this mean? 
I'm not sure, but I'm really ready to be open to family ministry and what that could mean for our church. 
Now, the problem lies in the fact that others (leadership) doesn't always get this. 
Because family ministry is messy!
Yes, messy!
It makes parents take responsibility. 
It makes older ladies rise up and train young mothers. 
It makes elders step up and take care of the widows and single mothers and hold fathers accountable. 
It begs for us to put action to our deeds. 
To put legs to the gospel and not simply take care of our own needs but of those around us. 

Praying for this to become clear in my mind and for God's will and vision as I humbly try to lead our Children's Ministry. 

Any ideas/thoughts?

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  1. First, thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment :) I became a follower of your blog and look forward to reading more. I also have some of the same questions about family integrated churches and whether or not there should be separation. I have no answers, I just keep praying for the Lord's leading. He will guide you in what He has for your family.