Psalm 147:1

"Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!"

Monday, September 12, 2011

My boy....

Rough day on the home front. 
I love my son to death and he is a tremendous blessing from the Lord. 
He is also extremely stubborn and strong-willed. 
He has been from the day that he came into this world. 
Even as a tiny baby, he was very opinionated. 
We have worked with, prayed over, talked, yelled on occasions, disciplined, and more. 
With the beginning of each school year I think to myself that THIS is going to be the year that 
everything finally falls into place and he starts loving school....but with each year I am again 
reminded that his strong and stubborn will often prevent him from enjoying things because he 
gets so caught up in what HE wants to do which is usually not his school work. 
Again, I love him to death. 
He is the smartest little boy that I know. 
He is incredibly bright, likable, witty....and stubborn. 
He can do his work in no time flat once he finally starts. 
He's a dottler. 
He finds it easy to complain about the task set before him. 
I have tried so many different techniques to try to break this habit in his life, yet here we are 
approaching 9 years old and his natural tendencies continue to manifest. 
I try very hard to remember that his mind and activeness will one day be of great benefit to him and those around him. He's going to be an amazing adult with vision and purpose and brilliant ideas.....if he will just apply himself. 
There are days that I wonder if he were in a normal school setting how he would respond....(not that I would ever put him in a regular school setting because I know that God gave this little guy to me to train and love and develop). 
Would he fall behind the class because he simply wouldn't apply himself?
Would he fly ahead of everyone because he LOVES competition? 
He doesn't have anyone to compete with at home. Which often leads to problems with his 2 1/2 year younger sister because he tries to compete with her.
Anyways, today has been a rough school day. It is now 5:30 and he just finished English which should have been done right after lunch. I had him go in his room which he hates because he doesn't like being alone. He dottled on his Math this morning as well. He does it as long as I'm sitting there pointing and working on each problem with him, but that isn't possible all the time for me nor do I believe that it's healthy for him because he has to learn to work independently. 
I know that isn't all his fault. I know that there are things that I have done wrong along this road of homeschool motherhood. Any one else out there struggle with a very strong-willed and stubborn child and their school work? 
My daughter is very much the opposite and very compliant and does school with no problem. I'm actually glad that my first child has been the challenging one.

Again, I want to reintegrate that I love him to death and know that God has a very bright future for him. 
I simply want to be the best mother for him that I can possibly be. 
That has to be the key. 
I have failed to pray sufficiently for him. 
I have failed to pray sufficiently for me. 
I have failed to pray for wisdom with him like I should. 
I think I shall go pray. 

Any advice?

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