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"Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An imaginative week.....

Sunday wrapped up our Fall Renewal Services with Tim and Rochelle Enloe. 
He is a really great teacher and had lots of great truths from the Word to walk away with. 
On Sunday morning of all of Renewal Services, we always have the Impact Kids (grades 1st-6th) stay 
in service with their parents. Tim made sure to include them in the sermon and did a great job explaining the Holy Spirit to them. We got their book, Kid Power, and Busy has had a great time reading through it.
 It's really neat to see him take interest in the things of the Lord on his own. 
He's still not sure about prayer times at church, but is very comfortable with our
 family times at home and reading the Bible together as a family.
Monday was our first day at PATH co-op for the year. It went really good. The kids had a great time as usual. Busy's first period teacher for Pilgrims and Pioneers has been with him every year in first period. She said that she can tell a really big change in him maturity wise over the summer. Then I had the mom that's a helper and it's her first year at co-op come up yesterday and say that she just loves him and that he's really creative. That always makes a mom's heart happy. 
Sweetie is doing great in her classes as always. :-)

 Here's some imaginative play time that she has been doing at home this week. 
Personally, I have never been into imaginative play (or talking to myself for that matter :-) 
but she loves to play alone and talk with her animals.
Especially when she's in trouble. It's so funny. She goes and pours her heart out to them! 

 We've been working on reading. 
Right now, we are spending more time on reading together as a family.
Every afternoon, I've been reading a chapter book to them. 
It's really turned into one of the best parts of my day. 
I actually take that as an answer to prayer, because I was not particularly fond 
of reading out load when they were younger. 
Growing up in a Christian school we obviously didn't have group reading times so
it was simply not something that I was used to. 
My grandma used to always read books to me when I was young, but not chapter books.
I'm really enjoying it this year. We are reading some great stories together. Both long and short. 
 For my personal reading time, I have about 4 books going but this is the one that I'm primarily focused on and longing to finish in the next few days. It's a really well written book that is challenging and reminding me that success is primarily based on what I give and not focusing on the other person. When I'm the best person I can be then things usually work out really well in any relationship, especially marriage. 
I'm thankful that God continues to mold and develop my family and relationships. 
Wednesday I woke up with a terrible head cold that I'd been fighting off since Sunday. 
It felt as though someone had poured concrete in my sinuses. 
I decided to stay home from church that night which is VERY, VERY unusual for me but I was 
afraid that if I didn't take it easy that I'd end up with a sinus infection and this weekend was Youth Conference which I had to go to. So it was really nice actually taking a very relaxed approach to school.
 We completed all of our work but just took longer into the evening to complete it.  
I wished we had more of those type of days....
but I'm thankful for the time I do have with them.

Thursday was my birthday. :-) It was the first time in forever that it wasn't on a church day, event, work day, or some other random thing was happening. It was really nice to just be home with the kids. 
I was feeling better but not great so it made for a wonderful day to just relax and do school at a slower pace. 
We went over to my mom's that evening and had 
Onion Burgers, Potato Salad, and Cherry Pie. Yummmmm!

Praying you had a very blessed week as well.....

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