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Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Update

Another busy week has come and gone!
Sunday was church as normal in the morning and then Sunday night we starting practicing for our Christmas play. We are doing “How the Grinch Found Christmas”.

Monday was our first day of co-op. Well, it was actually just orientation. The kids wanted it to be classes but that all starts up this Monday.
Busy’s classes are: Pilgrims and Pioneers,
Exploring the World Around Us (Science), 

Manners w/ Mrs. Harris, and Math Games.

Sweetie's classes are: Crafty Kids, 
Animal Science (that’s my class), 
Creative Learners Kindergarten class, 
and Drawing and Handwriting.

Tuesday was work and then wrestling.

Wednesday we went to the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo for their Homeschool Day.
We went with another homeschool family of 4 and the kids had a great day. While we were at the zoo, my precious friend called and said she thought she might be going into labor. That meant I had to head home and get the video camera before church. We made it back to church in time. I did youth worship then taught my sister's Ranger class for her because she had already gone over to watch my friends other 5 kiddos. After church, hubby took our kids home and I headed to the hospital. I’ve been with her for all 6 births now. It is a very special experience. No sleep at all….but worth it. Kyle Douglas was born at 9:42 am. He was healthy and mama did great as usual. By the time they got mama and the baby all cleaned up and things settled down it was noon and I headed to mom’s to pick up the kids and go take a nap. Hubby took the kids birthday shopping for me so I could just have some quiet last night. I didn’t go to sleep til 8 PM cause I was afraid my body would be off it I slept all afternoon.
Friday—Tonight through Sunday is our Fall Renewal Services. So that means we’ll be at church all weekend.  Well, that’s our week!

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