Psalm 147:1

"Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Peaceful and productive fall day...

Peaceful and productive....
I'm not sure that I used to believe those two words went hand in hand.:)
However, God is teaching me that they can. That's very exciting!
Example: I grew up where we got up early, cleaned the whole house, and then usually we went to town (which was an hour away) for groceries,stuff,etc. So Saturdays were always very busy and productive days.
So for many years I have pushed Saturdays to be very busy-often at the expense of my families peace and happiness. But in recent months I have changed. Well, I'm trying. I sooooo hate to admit this-but I tend to push to get things done. Often times I lose the "joy in the journey" if you will.
New example: Allow my hubby to sleep in without placing guilt on him (because he likes to do stuff in the afternoon and evening).
Cuddle with the kids and watch cartoons on Daystar. I have never really allowed them to watch cartoons both for content and time wastefulness, but there are some really great Christian cartoons on Sat. mornings on TBN and Daystar. I have been crocheing while I watch with them. It's really been a lovely time spent together! Then we get up and tend to the dogs, the kids do their chore chart and I start lunch. Sometimes it's more of a brunch but it has been such nice time spent together. Then I clean up and do my 1 1/2 hours of household chores. In my mind I say, "whatever gets done will be enough" but I've ended up getting all my stuff done....because I've been keeping up my daily chores. (Insert pat a PTL). Then today Sweetie and I emptied out the van and vacuumed the rain.:) Then we went to the library and picked up sooooo many great books I had on hold!!!!!' Yay! Went to the grocery store then got ready for a fellowship party at a friends house from church. It was a lovely day....I got everything done I wanted to.....and we all stayed joyful and happy while doing it. I'm becoming sooooo much more aware of how much I set the tone for our family. Help me Lord!:) I want to homor You with my attitude and actions! Thank You for a wonderfully peaceful and productive day.

FYI: I have text all this on my iphone so if something is wrong please forgive and overlook the error.

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  1. Hey friend! I enjoyed reading about your Saturday! It encouraged me to "relax" a little more. Been feeling super overwhelmed with the state of my home and unfortunately it has been a constant source of frustration which in turn rubs off on everyone in the house. Thanks for reminding me that the little things are what matter and that we as moms really do set the tone in our homes. Love you!!